Monochromia: Photo Shoots

My newest contribution to Monochromia. If you enjoy black and white photography, do yourself a favor and visit this wonderful collection of black and white photos from a dedicated group of photographers from around the world!

Bethesda Fountain Central Park with silhouetted visitors


Silhouettes against Central Park fountain

Those of you who are familiar with Visual Venturing may recognize this photo from a while back. Being on the road this week, I thought it would be okay to revisit one of my favorites. I took this in Central Park while on a trip to New York City in September 2012.

I would like to say I planned every aspect of this shot, but I have to be honest: I was focused on capturing the young men silhouetted against the fountain and I had to fire off a quick burst of photos before they walked out of the frame. I was definitely surprised (and delighted) when I opened the file on my computer to find what else I had managed to capture. Had I tried to purposefully frame this shot, I doubt I would have been as successful. Have fun discovering the “extras”!

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