Photo Challenge: Signs

Food Signs Around Washington, D.C.

For other signs, visit my signs from Jackson Hole and this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge.

12 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Signs

    • Thanks, Madhu. My eye was drawn to the young ladies in the scene and trying to get a shot in front of that wonderful-looking eatery. Once I got the image onto my computer, I was delighted with all the detail too!


  1. I love the sign of starbucks with the oriental letters (guessing chinese), I wonder if they say starbucks or if it is like when you get a chinese tattoo for love and it ends up saying soup.


  2. Nice signs Stacy I think we are in synch with that one. I have just finished a post for tomorrow on a food sign outside a shop in Italy so our thoughts are along the same lines 🙂


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