Monochromia: Capitol Reader


Woman sitting on the edge of the pool, reading, with US Capitol in the background.

Walking by the U.S. Capitol, I spied this woman enjoying the beautiful weather in Washington, DC. Absorbed in her reading, the woman never noticed me while I carefully framed and pressed my shutter. If only all street shots were this easy.

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14 thoughts on “Monochromia: Capitol Reader

    • Thanks, Karen! There are so many wonderful vantage points from which to photograph the Capitol, though now it has scaffolding around the dome for the next for years, so I’m glad I got this when it was just starting to go up and easier to camouflage 🙂

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  1. Stacy, I left my comment on this photo in the original post on Monochromia. Even so, and because of the symbolic elements present in the image, and based in the Eduardo Muñoz’s comment, I have visualized my own version of this shot. For that reason, and from now, I seriously propose this photo as one of the nominated for ABFriday Week 26 event!

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  2. If only they were all this easy! I really like how serene the picture is. And just adds that bit of interest with the woman in it.


  3. I ‘appreciate the contrast between the fragility of this young woman and the imposing side and the strength that is the Capitol
    Beautiful atmosphere and framing – Good weekend


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