Poll – B&W or Color Version?

Close-up corner view of pages in an open book.

This photo (and the story behind it) is posted on Monochromia. A different view of this book, processed in color, is in my After-Before Friday Week 18 post. I really have had a hard time deciding which version I like better (I do love the touch of red), so I thought it would be fun to try PollDaddy and let you decide!

20 thoughts on “Poll – B&W or Color Version?

    • Ah, so you’re not going to tell us how you voted, huh, Laurie? 😉 Well …. B&W is the winner, by 2 to 1. Okay, it was a small sample – only 21 people voted. Nevertheless, it’s another feather in the cap for B&W lovers 😀 So, spill it; which button did you check??


  1. In their own ways, both are eye-catching. I voted for the b&w image in the end just because it strikes me as the medium that best suits a thick, hard covered book of indeterminate age…… In the end it is just lovely to look at an open book and see it as if for the first time – full of promise 🙂


    • Oh, what a wonderful comment, Pauline. Thank you! You opened my eyes to seeing the choice in a new light, and I have to say I can now, without second thought, cast my vote for the B&W as well 🙂 I love your description of an open book too – you’ve perfectly put into words the exact emotion I feel as I sit down with a new book. How I do love to read!

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  2. Hows that neck and neck so far almost… personally I love the B&W which highlights the texture and number of pages without the distraction of the red binder. Sorry Stacy I know you liked the red! Wonderful pov. You are
    so good at these kind of shots with angles and perspectives that not one else would think of employing 🙂


    • Hey, Karen! You’ve sided with the majority 🙂 As I said, I had a really hard time deciding, so the poll was fun. As for the angles and perspectives, you give me way too much credit – being stuck indoors just leads to photographing all kinds of crazy and fun things 😀

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