Monochromia Guest Post – Stacy Fischer

I am so honored to be a guest contributor on Monochromia, a wonderful collaborative blog that highlights works of black and white photography. Many thanks to Joe Giordano of The Visual Chronicle for creating and hosting this forum. Please stop by, meet the main contributors, and view their wonderful images. And if you feel so compelled, show some love for this forum by leaving likes and comments there!


This is the third post in our Guest Post series featuring Stacy Fischer. Although Stacy is quick to point out “I am a photography newbie” her images certainly don’t reflect that. I guess thats what is so great about photography. Whether you are a professional, amateur or newbie, a great image cannot tell the difference.


My name is Stacy Fischer and I was born in Huntington, New York (shout out to Joe!). My family moved from Long Island when I was about three years old, and I have spent the last 19 years living in McLean, Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C.

Joe’s invitation to guest post on Monochromia took me totally by surprise. In fact, I asked him if he didn’t want to rethink his offer!

You see, I am a photography newbie. That’s not to say I haven’t had my Nikon D90 for years – about five years…

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9 thoughts on “Monochromia Guest Post – Stacy Fischer

  1. Good for you, Stacy… Loved the swings (even though you know what they do to me). Your horses are perfect. They even look like they are smiling for you. Good work and love you. Mom


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