21 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness Week 19

      • aw darn,,,, wow cool shot though glad ya got some of him, i have so many that have gone before me now….cuz i have always had a few dogs… namaste’ 2 u frum Q


        • Oh, no, I used “was” because he is not my dog. I saw him at a local fair. Didn’t mean to confuse. I’m assuming this beauty is still smiling away 🙂 But, like you, I’ve lost a few myself – so very hard.


        • ah ic ok …….. awesome then……….. took ya litterally , sumtimes textin is so nefarious huh, easy to misunderstand,,and then we get well, they think i thunk sumpin i didn’t but it sounded data way….. so thanks for the reply and the clarify! …..hugz across the werld 2 u frum Q


    • Thanks, Jaime! He was a beautiful dog in color, but the background distracted the eye and I thought a monochrome approach would help to isolate his beautiful face. Glad you liked the choice!


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