Surrogates – Two Shots

Weekly Photo Challenge: Share a shot that captures a contrast

View of McCollum's surrogates from the nameplate down the wall to the exhibit's other end.Stark contrast of Allan McCollum’s Plaster Surrogates, National Gallery of Art East Building, Washington, D.C.

From the National Gallery of Art website: Allan McCollum (1944-  ) is an American artist, best known for his Surrogates — multiple, related objects installed en masse as anonymous stand-ins for paintings or sculptures…. Plaster Surrogates (1982/1989) was the last large grouping available. McCollum conceived its 480 elements in 1982, then cast them and painted the black “images” within “mats” and “frames” in 1989.

McCollum's exhibit viewed from the 2nd floor of the atrium, with a segment of Calder's mobile. With segment of Alexander Calder’s mobile — see Contrast (2)

See also Contrast (1), (3), (4)

11 thoughts on “Surrogates – Two Shots

  1. Hi Stacy. Planned to send you an ABFriday but work and now family gathering trip trumped. I think you’ll like it though. It’s the duck from my last post. I removed a bunch if sand from his nose plus other stuff.

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