Picture-Perfect Breakfast

Two petite eggs benedict served on a dark floral rimmed white plate.

Inspired by Suzie81’s Weekly Word Challenge, I finally have reason to write a post about the most amazing Eggs Benedict I have ever had.

glass of bubbly champagneWhere did I have this phenomenal dish? At the renowned and beautiful The Inn at Little Washington, in Washington, Virginia (not Washington, D.C., hence, the “Little” in the name). Both an inn and a restaurant, it has garnered an exceptional number of awards and accolades, from the James Beard Foundation and Zagat to the Wine Spectator, Fodor’s, Forbes, and Frommer’s, to name a few.4 small glasses of freshly squeezed fruit juice

After enjoying the Inn’s 7-course dinner Tasting Menu, each course paired with a specially selected wine, my husband and I woke up to breakfast served at a table overlooking the Inn’s garden terrace and fish pond where we had enjoyed champagne during afternoon tea the day before.Β  Breakfast included amazing breads and pastries with a selection of homemade jams, homemade granola with fresh fruit, and four “glasses” of fresh juice for each of us (melon, apricot, orange, and peach) that had the silkiest, most concentrated flavors we had ever tasted. My husband then enjoyed a lobster omelette … and I had these picture perfect and sublimely delicious Eggs Benedict.

Since then, the only Eggs Benedict I have had that lived up to these was when we went back, three years later!

The garden terrace, with red bench, white tables, lush greenery, and goldfish pond

12 thoughts on “Picture-Perfect Breakfast

    • You’re right, Madhu! I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that before. So I just checked the Inn’s website. While dinner is open to guests and non-guests at the Inn, breakfast is only served to those who stay at the Inn 😦 Oh, well, guess I’ll just have to go back πŸ™‚


  1. Beautiful presentation, just like they do at the INN! Don’t you just love that place? Did you take tour of the kitchen? We haven’t been there since one of our anniversaries. How many years ago was that? Anyway, one of the highest rated inns in the country! Loved your post!


    • Oh, so glad to know you’ve been there! Yes, we did take a tour of the kitchen – in fact, we ate in the kitchen πŸ™‚ Special treat, too, for a milestone anniversary (I won’t divulge how many years πŸ˜‰ ) Thanks for your comment!


  2. Great food photography Stacey. How on earth did you have time to take such a wonderful picture and eat it before it got cold. I can almost taste it. Sounds like a fabulous place and the garden looks divine!


    • It was difficult, Karen, not to dive right in πŸ˜‰ Really, the plate was a work of art and I had to give it it’s due attention. It is a wonderful, magical place. Thanks, as always, for your great comment!


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