Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story (1)

The Challenge: Tell a story by documenting a moment in time through a single image.

 A lone trashman goes unnoticed by nighttime revelers on Barcelona's Las Ramblas.“Unnoticed.” A lone trashman amid nighttime revelers on Barcelona’s Las Ramblas.

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15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story (1)

    • Thanks! I watched him go about his work for quite a long time. I was also fascinated by the “trash” bag he was carrying. In the States, used to seeing round bins on wheels. I wondered if this made his job easier or more difficult…


    • Thanks, Stefano – I appreciate the feedback on Shane’s challenge! Photographing people (even family and friends) doesn’t come naturally to me 😉 But I’m enjoying thinking about how to shoot “documentary style.”


    • Thanks so much, Shane. I appreciate your comment more than you know. Though I took this photo a long time ago from the “safety” of my room using a zoom lens, your challenge has inspired me – more to come of photos I went out and actually shot in response to the WPC!


  1. Stacy, I thought I was looking at a picture of New York City cause I am sure no one would pay attention to the “clean-up man.” A great shot….. L Mom.


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