15 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness Challenge: Week 11

  1. Love this! The swirls are like eyeballs making me want to move in closer to for a better view. What lies behind? Is this a gate to a private garden; a hallowed gravesite? Or perhaps a wrought iron fence acting as a barrier of beauty. The textured layers of Monochrome Madness are exquisitely haunting. Well done!

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    • Thanks, Debby! As for what lies behind, I love the stories you have painted with your descriptions, so I won’t divulge, as imagination is oftentimes much better than reality 😉


    • Thanks, Andrew! I found my number of decision points in converting this photo were far less numerous than with last week’s photo, with much more pleasing results 🙂 I think most of that has to do with a better composed photo to begin with!


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