Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Captured moments on the streets: London, Florence, Sorrento, and Barcelona.

A Gallery of Five Pictures

A London Bobby outside the House of Lords props his foot on a railing to tie his shoe.

Everyone’s shoes come untied now and then, even a London Bobby’s.
Bobby in the background? Didn’t see him until after I’d taken the shot. If I had, I likely would have moved on!

Patrons crowd around the walk-up window to order fresh panini and wine, and then sit on the street curb to eat.

One of Florence’s best panini shops, I Fratellini.

A busy street in Sorrento, filled with pedestrians and lots of motorcyles either being ridden or parked.

Motorcycles are a way of life on Sorrento’s streets.

Under the shade of trees, two men sit on a bench, one playing an accordion, the other relaxing and listening.

Musicians lend colorful atmosphere to Barcelona’s streets.

A couple enjoys a meal in an open-door cafe.

Barcelona restaurants throw open their doors and windows to the street for patrons eager to enjoy the warm weather.

Posted as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life.

26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

  1. Love your photos. “Ello, ello what you lookin at then” (with a cockney accent) sorry that’s what I imagine one of the Bobbys saying. Gee he did have a mean stare you are one lucky camper that’s for sure. Was that outside Westminster Abbey for some reason that pops up in my head but I don’t know why. Lovely photos that just make me want to be on holidays….


  2. What is this, your PG-13 version? I want my underwear back! (Now try explaining that comment to those who haven’t seen your unexpurgated version of the motorcycle shot!)


    • Ha!!!! Great comment to start off my day, Emilio 🙂 I have to admit, I thought long and hard about posting the “other” version – didn’t know how it would be received – apparently, all is well 😉 Thanks for following the link!


    • Jaime, I really appreciate you liking the photos enough to come and post a comment! As for the musician photo, I’ve always wondered if the two knew each other, or if not, who sat down first and what drew the other to come and sit down (and be comfortable doing so). Your comment is spot on about it being a “sociology class”! 😀 Thanks so very much for sharing your thoughts.


  3. Love em, love it. The Bobby tying his shoes is great. I didn’t think they carried guns. I guess they need to these days. Also enjoyed the accordion street entertainer. I’ve just posted one with an accordion player but much younger. Enjoy having you as a blogging friend. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks! Did you happen to notice the bobby in the back with the very large rifle? I didn’t until after I had taken the shot. If I had, I likely would have moved on 😀 I actually am going to add this bit of info to the photo caption, just for fun!


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