Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

 From a capsule atop the London Eye, a view of people in another capsule looking out at the London scene far below.

A view inside a view: Capturing the London Eye Experience from the Top.

WordPress Challenge: Post a picture, from the simple to the absurd, that conjures up the word “inside.”
My Challenge (below): What word do you see?

Deciding to look back through my old travel photos, I came across this one from a trip to London a few years ago. While my husband and I visited many of the wonderful historical sites London has to offer, we (well, honestly, probably me) couldn’t resist the lure of seeing London from high above. Besides, I’m a sucker for a Ferris wheel. And so, with multitudes of other tourists, we stood in line (or the queue, as the British say) to take our turn riding the London Eye.

We boarded our capsule, along with about two dozen other riders. As the wheel turned, we slowly climbed to a height of 443 feet. The prize: a stunning 360-degree view of the London cityscape. The “experience” (as a ride is called) lasts 30 minutes and provides ample opportunity to capture photos from various heights and angles. But, as you can see, I also had some fun photographing others enjoying their experience!

This simple picture, to me, captures the word “inside” perfectly. But I have to admit that a few other prize words popped into my mind as well.

So, here’s my challenge: Apart from “inside,” share the word or words you think of when you see this picture. I’ll post my words after I get some comments, and I promise I won’t change them based on what you submit. So, go ahead. Let me know what you see!

Visiting London? Visit London Eye FAQs for more information. Next time, we might just have to indulge in one of the themed Private Capsule Experiences!

Posted as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside.

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

  1. Gee nice sharp photo Stacy. I didn’t have a wide angle lens back then but you can see why I should have. Boy did you capture it perfectly. Ah reminiscing 🙂


  2. Thanks, everyone, for all of your great answers! Now, as promised, I’m going to share my word with you. Ready? Hamster. Yup, I thought of those clear plastic exercise balls my kids would put their hamsters in and let them roll all over the house. Not sure if the hamsters liked it (probably thinking what you said, Debby, “let me out!!!”) but we sure got a kick out of watching them. For those who might not know what I’m talking about, here’s a link to a picture: http://bit.ly/1rfv6kQ. Thanks for having fun with the photo!


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