Back to New York City!

Did someone say “day trip” to NYC?? Count me in! I’m heading out tomorrow for a one-day trip to the 9/ll Memorial and Museum sponsored by my local community center. This trip will give me the time I didn’t have on my first visit to the museum to finish the tour. And, of course, I’m up for any opportunity to go to the Big Apple!

Statue of Liberty

26 thoughts on “Back to New York City!

  1. Nice shot Stacy! I went up to the crown once when I was 16 probably hmm in 1974? The torch was closed at the time for repair. I’ll never forget how hot it was in there. I think it was August and it was sooooo humid. I’m so glad I did it though. I’ll never forget it!

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    • That’s so awesome, Laura! I can’t imagine what that must have been like. I had a pass to go in the pedestal (the nice lady at the ticket booth just handed it to me!), but I ended up not being able to use it. Now, if it had been one for the crown (or torch), I would have definitely MADE the time 😃


    • A bit blustery, Robert, but nothing too bad. We ended up only having about 45 minutes to roam around the pools and about 2-1/2 hours inside the museum. Spent 9 hours on the bus 🙂 But it was great to be back in NYC, even for that short amount of time!

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