Riptide Warning

There’s nothing quite like a blustery day at the beach …

Windswept beach, 21st Street Beach, Ocean City New Jersey

Lone figure on overcast 21st Street Beach, Ocean City, New Jersey

… except maybe the next day’s gorgeous weather.

21st Street Beach walkway thru the dunes, Ocean City, New Jersey
21st Street Beach, Ocean City, New Jersey

I took these photos a few weeks ago when I had the opportunity to spend some time with a dear friend who lives just a block off this beach. During the nor’easter that blew up the eastern seacoast this past weekend, the very large beach at the end of this fenced walkway (pictured in the first two photos) was underwater. I have more images of other parts of the beach from my time there, and the inundation during the storm from the ocean (and subsequent beach erosion) was apparently just as damaging there. The force of Mother Nature …

31 thoughts on “Riptide Warning

    • Luckily she did, Alys! She leaves quite near the beach but happens to be in an area that’s the “highest” in her location (relatively speaking). Sadly, I understand the bay area about 10 blocks west or so really was inundated. Thanks for asking.


      • I’m glad your friend escaped the worst of it, but sorry too for those less fortunate. I’m just hearing this morning about Patricia, a category 5 hurricane, about to slam into the coast of Mexico. They say it’s the worst on record for this part of the world. It really gives you pause.


        • I heard about that getting onto the plane. Very frightening indeed. So many out-of-the-ordinary weather events; I’m fearful (like so many others) that these are on their way to becoming the norm. Praying for all those in Patricia’s path…


        • I think these events are becoming the norm. It’s hard to now how to prepare for the extremes. After four years of drought, they’re warning of possible flooding in January and February, with downed trees as well. The trees are all in a weakened state, and apparently extended drought causes the roots to shrink. It’s a bad combination when heavy rains hit.

          We’ve got our emergency kit ready and we’ve had all the trees checked out.

          Sending positive thoughts to Mexico…


  1. I love the 3rd quite symmetric photo which draws your eye into the path down to the sea. The light is wonderful. I could see it as the opening scenes to a movie while they roll the credits. It’s a picture of promise.


    • LOL! What a way you have with words, Patti 🙂 I actually am partial to the first two – I just love the the overall tone, and you’ve really captured in words what being on that beach at that time really felt like. Thanks so much for that!


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