A Few Words With – Stacy Fischer

As many of you know, I contribute to Monochromia, a collective blog published by photographers from around the globe who embrace black and white photography. The blog is the brainchild of Joe Giordano, our passionate, dedicated, inspiring, and all-around fantastic organizer. As if Joe doesn’t already have enough on his plate running and contributing to Monochromia, keeping up with personal blogs (The Visual Chronicle and X-tended Vision – Fuji X System Images), writing for Mirrorless Minutes AND running Life in Black and White on Facebook, Joe has chosen to interview each contributor to Monochromia and post the questions and answers on yet another of his blogs “I Get By.” Joe posted my interview on July 5th, and I thought it would be fun to share it with all of you.

I can never say “thank you” too many times to Joe for the opportunity to be part of Monochromia. It has challenged me in ways I never thought and the amazing community there has definitely helped me grow as a photographer. If you haven’t had a chance to visit it, please take the time. And while you’re at it, visit Joe’s other wonderful sites. He shares amazing images and a wealth of fantastic information on photography in general and mirrorless systems in particular. Keep on keepin’ on, Joe!

20 thoughts on “A Few Words With – Stacy Fischer

  1. You contribute to Monochromia? I didn’t realize that. I do, too! What a coincidence. But I do not “embrace black and white photography”. I may hold hands now and then, steal a quick kiss, fondle a bit. But embrace? I don’t think so. OK, I read your interview when it first came out on Monochromia but have forgotten everything I read so I’m going back to re-read it and comment. Probably on Monochromia so I can take some digs at Joe as well as you at the same time! 🙂


  2. Hey Stacy,
    I just read your interview on Monochromia but had to come over here, too. I loved your comment about looking back at earlier photos and laughing at what you posted. I’m quite sure your “earlier photos” are wonderful, but I do know what you mean about being able to see your own growth.
    Your work is incredible, your smile beautiful, and your personality engaging! I look forward to the next time we meet (’cause there will be a next time!)


    • Argh, Laurie, I missed your wonderful comment!! I promise I wasn’t ignoring you 😉 Thanks so much for ALWAYS making me smile! And I, too, can’t wait until we can get together again (and this time maybe Joe — and Terry — will be able to take part!) xo


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