Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

White windows panes with man in purple shirt.

I loved the whiteness and geometry of this scene, but I knew I wanted a little something extra. So, with viewfinder to eye, I waited patiently for someone to pass behind the windowpanes. I was rewarded by this gentleman wearing a vibrant purple shirt. Along with the white of the wall, the scene screamed “fresh” to me – fresh, bright colors of the coming spring.


32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

    • Hugh, I can’t believe I’m just finding your comment now! (And just so you know that you’ve not been singled out, there are a few others on this post that I also missed. Yikes!) Anyway, thanks so much for your comment. I shot quite a few photos during this session and this was the keeper among them all 🙂


  1. So you were hanging out at this person’s window all day waiting for a glimpse, a glance of someone? Something? I was arrested for doing the exact same thing. Except I had binoculars instead of a camera. And it was the middle of the night.And she just happened to be getting ready for bed….


    • Ha, Emilio! I was a bit more low-key than that 😉 I was a “tourist” at George Washington’s Mount Vernon home and had my zoom. The most difficult part was waiting for others to clear the space in front of the window! Now, I think we need to have a serious talk about your nighttime habits 😜


      • Well, it was actually my wife I was spying on. She’s a bit shy. When I explained to the arresting officer, we had a good laugh!


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