Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall (2)

NYC 5th Avenue Subway Station

Fifth Avenue Subway Station, New York City (handheld)

For a different “wall,” visit my post showcasing the ceiling art in a Red Robin restaurant. For images of walls from others, visit this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

30 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall (2)

  1. I keep going back to it to look deeper and I keep finding more things. Its interesting looking at the posters on the wall showing what’s happening at present in the Big Apple and considering how busy the place is teeming with people to capture such stillness and quietness in the subway is remarkable but also polar opposite to our impression of the city so nice to have this different perspective….I think that is the strongest feeling I get from the photo, the stillness… so the city does sleep? LOVE it 🙂


  2. Man, I love this. Takes me back! My dad used to work on 47th and Fifth. I would visit by LIRR and subway whenever I went in to the city. 🙂 This shot is cleaner and prettier than I remember it.


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